Internal 24 hours

The care of people (CARE FOR THE ELDERLY) at home or in the hospital is a service demanded by users, thus allowing them to give better care to the family, because they require attention and care, with our employees they have experience and qualification.




We offer you the perfect solution so that every weekend of the month you have no worries, while your family member is cared for, cared for and accompanied. Thanks to her experience, the weekend caregiver adapts to the finesse and the specific type of care that our eldest receives on a regular basis, as her work is based on a perfect synchronization with the midweek caregiver she replaces.


Accompanying the hospital, the doctor, the bank, the purchase and in general, we provide the appropriate personnel so that the patient has the best care, always adapted to their needs, both in homes and in hospitals and day centers or limited stays, providing company, tranquility and rest for both the sick and the family members.

Home Doctor

+ Weekly visit.

+ Monthly Visit 








Domestic service

We provide you with a suitable domestic service employee for a one-time or continuous job.








Services 24 hours 7 days a week

All year round from € 13.20 per hour.

Punctual Services

From € 15.70 per hour 

Domestic Character

  • Healthy food
  • Clothing
  • Home maintenance
  • Preparation of menus and diets.
  • Food preparation at home.
  • Food delivery service.
  • Food purchases charged to the user. 
  • Laundry inside and outside the home.
  • Reviewed and sorted clothes. 
  • Ironing clothes inside or outside the home.
  • Purchase of clothing charged to the user.
  • General maintenance of the home, except for specific cases of need in which said task will be determined by the technical staff responsible for the service.
  • Small domestic repairs; these will include those tasks that the person would perform by himself under normal conditions and that are not the subject of other professions. 

Personal Character

  • Planificación y educación en los hábitos de higiene.
  • Aseo e higiene personal.
  • Orientación e información de las ayudas técnicas convenientes para las necesidades de los usuarios.
  • Ayudar o dar de comer y beber
  • Control de la alimentación y educación sobre hábitos alimenticios 
  • Ayuda para levantarse y acostarse.
  • Ayuda para realizar cambios posturales.
  • Apoyo para la movilidad dentro del hogar.
  • Programa de ejercicios básicos para el mantenimiento y mejora de la movilidad.
Helpful worried caregiver and senior woman on floor
  • Apoyo en situaciones de incontinencia.
  • Orientación temporo-espacial.
  • control de la administración del tratamiento medico en coordinación con los equipos de salud.
  • Servicio de vela. 
  • Acompañamiento dentro y fuera del domicilio.
  • Apoyo a su organización doméstica. 
  • Actividades dirigidas a fomentar la participación en su comunidad y en actividades de ocio  y tiempo libre.
  • Ayuda a la adquisición y desarrollo de habilidades, capacidades y hábitos personales y convivencia.  
An old friend visiting an elderly woman in a wheelchair in a luxury nursing home. Professional caretaker assisting. Panorama.